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Favorite Business Product: MentorBox

Shared by Colleen Ferrary

No, we're not being paid to say this. For $7/month you get short excerpts and training tools for some of the best business books ever written. Worth the time/money for busy professionals.

Best Diversity Blog from the past year

Shared by Colleen Ferrary


Who cares if they may be a competitor? It's a great message and invaluable tips for you and your team. Read 50 Ideas For Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in The Workplace by Lever. Well done, team Lever!



Favorite Blog to Share with ALL Leaders

Shared by Colleen Ferrary

No one thinks they're micromanaging. Leaders have picked up on the corporate slang word 'empowerment', but how many are really creating empowered environments? Here's a quick posting we read from The Balance that we believe might make you look at empowerment a little differently. Click here to check it out!

If You Manage Your Own Marketing, Click here.

Small Business USA supports business owners with communicating and identifying your brand in a way that helps you stand out from your competition. We hope that all of our businesses have set funds aside for professional marketing, but in the event that you have an internal team or you're taking it on yourself, here's a blog we always stay close to: http://www.cmo.com.